Betty Dion Enterprises Ltd.

The firm has extensive experience working collaboratively with design teams in the review of construction drawings, conducting accessibility audits and developing detailed and comprehensive recommendations to ensure facilities are in compliance with accessibility requirements. The firm is able to suggest innovative and unique accessible design features and best practices in universal design in order to create an accessible environment that is functional for the greatest number of users.


  • Accessibility Audits
  • Review of Construction Drawings
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Development of Guidelines and Standards
  • Expertise in Human Rights: Professional Opinions and Investigations.

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About our company

BDEL is currently working as part of the Ottawa LRT design team, and the team working on the redevelopment of Arts Court. BDEL was a member of the design teams for Lansdowne Park, the Ottawa Convention Centre, the Ottawa International Airport, and have worked on numerous federal government facilities, universities and health facilities.


Betty Dion Enterprises Ltd. is an Ottawa based Canadian firm that offers unique and comprehensive services related to universal design and accessibility.  The exceptional value BDEL brings to projects, lies in our ability to bring a universal design approach considering design considerations for all people, including those with disabilities. Through our extensive work in the accessibility field we understand the legislative framework and the broad range of technical specifications from the provincial, national and international building codes and standards. 

Accessibility Consulting Services